Introduction to Salesforce DX

Salesforce recently introduced Salesforce DX i.e. the Developer Experience. With this salesforce introduces a new development paradigm that shifts the center of your world from monolithic, org-based development to modular, artifact-based development. This model streamlines the entire development life cycle, with benefits like: Improving team development and collaboration. Facilitating automated testing and continuous integration. Making… Continue reading Introduction to Salesforce DX

Summer’17 Platform Developer 1 Maintenance Exam

1 of 5. What are two considerations when overriding standard actions? Choose 2 answers A. Overriding standard actions with a Lightning component applies only to Lightning Experience and Salesforce1, but not to Salesforce Classic. B. Overriding standard actions with a Visualforce page applies only to Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience, but not to Salesforce1. C. Overriding… Continue reading Summer’17 Platform Developer 1 Maintenance Exam

Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook

Salesforce has a huge app store with loads of AppExchange tools available in its market. One such AppExchange tool is the Salesforce for social medias namely Twitter and Facebook. This is a free App which is listed on the AppExchange marketplace and can be installed easily on the production or any of the developer sandboxes.… Continue reading Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook