Salesforce.com (SFDC)

Salesforce.com or sfdc has its products based on CRM ( Customer Relations Management) and has been on the rise recently. Started by an ex-oracle employee named Marc Benioff is a cloud based company which provides a bucket full of features. It has some high end customers who have been in the fortune500. Salesforce can more or less be branched into two parts basically the Sales cloud and the Service cloud. Sales cloud deals with more of products, opportunities, leads, accounts, contacts etc. Basically it helps in keeping track of the closed/won opportunities for the product and to capture leads for the opportunities. Service cloud on the other hand deals with cases, accounts, contacts,etc. More or less service cloud deals with the after part, once the product has been launched, to provide customers the support for the product which has been launched and to deal with the queries they have. In all salesforce provides a whole CRM system which can be managed easily and quickly.

Salesforce is a bucket rich of features and facilities. It includes some of the following features that can be easily set up on the basis of requirement:
-Auto response rules
-Validation rules
-Escalation rules
-Time based triggers
-Approval process
-Sharing rules
And many more such features.

It also provides functionality to provide support through different mediums and can be recorded on salesforce like
-Email to case
-Web to case
-Phone to case

Salesforce also has a market place “appExchange” from where tools can be downloaded and can be integrated with salesforce as plug-ins. The appExchange market place has tools through which other social mediums like facebook, twitter, linkedIn etc can be integrated with salesforce. More or less the appExchange market place is something like we have google store for android applications. It has applications which can be integrated with salesforce and helps in making any task more easier. Name any new possible feature or integration that you want with salesforce and it would already be available on the appExchange market place.

Apart from the full rich on features and facilities, salesforce also provides security and sharing models. One can restrict the users to access the salesforce system by whitelisting only a certain range of IP addresses and prevent anyone else from accessing the system outside of the organization. Also apart from this there is a two way authorization access to the system where in if the user logs through any other system then a password would be sent to the registered email address of the user with a security code that needs to be entered to access the salesforce system. There can be sharing rules set up which would control the amount of data that can be accessed by the users in the organization. This would allow only the data that needs to be shared and other data will be hidden from the users providing more secure options. Salesforce also provides a role hierarchy where in certain users can be set up in an organization which would decide upon the level of access that the user should have.

Salesforce uses the apex language for the purpose of classes and triggers. Apex is the language of the cloud, the first cloud based programming language used by salesforce system. Any one with a little knowledge of JAVA can understand and code the apex language. Apex triggers and classes are used for customization of the requirements through code. Visualforce pages are something to do with the front end that is the UI (User Interface) for the users. Salesforce also provides sites which are standalone and can do without login to the sites, where in customers can access the sites and data can be recorded on salesforce.

Salesforce in short is an upcoming and a new technology which doesnt seem to have a downfall in the near future. Salesforce also has its clients which have been listed in the fortune500. Salesforce also provides certifications to become a salesforce certified developer or a salesforce certified admin through which one can build a great career with this technology. Salesforce conducts yearly conferences like the “Dreamforce” where new products and features are brought up and some key speakers are invited to speak in the conference. This year salesforce has Satya Nadela, CEO microsoft , as one of its key speaker in the “Dreamforce”. Hope this information helps and motivates to keep on learning new things.


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