Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook

Salesforce has a huge app store with loads of AppExchange tools available in its market. One such AppExchange tool is the Salesforce for social medias namely Twitter and Facebook. This is a free App which is listed on the AppExchange marketplace and can be installed easily on the production or any of the developer sandboxes.

Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook gives you a simple way to connect to the social medias by creating conversations and reaching out to more customers.
Here is a small demo on the functionality the “Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook” appExchange tool provides. (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.co…)

Some of the key features listed on the AppExchange page for the tool:

-Search & Monitor Twitter and Facebook in Real-time: Search Tweets and Page Posts to find relevant customer service conversations.
-Capture, monitor, and respond to those conversions – all from the Salesforce Service Cloud.
-Establishing social Support Channels: Manage Twitter and Facebook service questions by instantly creating a case inside your Salesforce Service Cloud.

If you are just a beginner and are unaware of how to integrate Salesforce with Twitter and Facebook, this is the perfect appExchange tool which can fulfill your requirements regarding integration with social media. So just to begin with you can go ahead and install the “Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook” appExchange tool from the market place either on the production organization or the developer sandbox. (Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook (v5.2.5)). For easy installation and customization there is customization guide also which has been provided on the market place. (https://appexchange.salesforce.c…)

Once it has been successfully installed, you will be able to see a new custom app by the name “Salesforce for Social Media” listed in the dropdown menu on the right hand side top corner along with the other apps available for your system. If you select the “Salesforce for Social Media” app it will redirect you to the page with all its tabs visible like Home, Conversation, Cases, Social Setup, etc. These tabs can be customized and only a certain tabs or more tabs can be made visible for the App. Basically what the first thing that is needed to be done after the app has been successfully installed is go to the “Salesforce for Social Media” app from the app menu and land on the “Social Setup” tab. This is the tab where in the first initial setup needs to be done related to the Facebook and Twitter accounts/pages. In the “Social setup” tab you will find sub tabs like “Twitter Account”, “Twitter Keyword”, “Facebook”, “Scheduled searches” etc. So to integrate Salesforce with Twitter and Facebook what will be required is a particular Twitter account for Twitter integration and a Facebook account and page for Facebook intergration.  Once the accounts are setup they need to be validated. Once Validated the integration between Salesforce with both the social medias is almost done. The only thing remaining will be “Scheduled Searches” , this is something that can be found under the “Social Setup” tab. Salesforce makes an automated search after every particular interval of time which is setup in the “Scheduled Search” in order to get the posts, comments, tweets as “Conversations” in the Salesforce system from the respective social medias. What the support team suggests is that the total scheduled search for both Twitter and Facebook should not exceed a count of 10 per hour. If it exceeds the scheduled search count more than 10 per hour than it might result in a few social posts not coming in or some degradation in the system. So make sure the count for scheduled search is 10 or less than that per hour. Thats it everything is done and the Salesforce integration is done with Twitter and Facebook.

What this appExchange tool does is, it fetches any Facebook comment or post that has been made on the validated Facebook page, when a scheduled search is made, in the form of a “Conversation”. Similarly for Twitter tweets and replies in the form of “Conversation”. This AppExchange tool there after provides 3 major options, first is to create a contact for the customer fetched, second is to create a case from the “Conversation”, and third to create a “Knowledge Article” on the case. Apart from this it provides functionality to create leads, add to campaign,etc.

“Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook” is a great tool available for free on the AppExchange market and helps a lot in the monitoring and integration of Salesforce with the social medias. Hope this information helps you in some or the other way and makes your tasks easier in the integration process with social medias.


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