Introduction to Salesforce DX

Salesforce recently introduced Salesforce DX i.e. the Developer Experience. With this salesforce introduces a new development paradigm that shifts the center of your world from monolithic, org-based development to modular, artifact-based development. This model streamlines the entire development life cycle, with benefits like: Improving team development and collaboration. Facilitating automated testing and continuous integration. Making… Continue reading Introduction to Salesforce DX


Summer’17 Platform Developer 1 Maintenance Exam

1 of 5.¬†What are two considerations when overriding standard actions? Choose 2 answers A. Overriding standard actions with a Lightning component applies only to Lightning Experience and Salesforce1, but not to Salesforce Classic. B. Overriding standard actions with a Visualforce page applies only to Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience, but not to Salesforce1. C. Overriding… Continue reading Summer’17 Platform Developer 1 Maintenance Exam


Certified Salesforce Commerce cloud

  Confused by the title? Misread it? Nope you read it right. Salesforce provides certifications on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud, where did Commerce cloud come from. There has been a major hype on the recent Salesforce-Demandware acquisition. Yes you heard it right, Salesforce is acquiring Demandware Inc., a digital commerce company that… Continue reading Certified Salesforce Commerce cloud