Summer’17 Administrator Maintenance Exam

1 of 5. Which two features best describe the new Lightning-optimized Log a Call action? Choose 2 answers

A. Autolink the Audit Log to the Case
*B. Autolink the Call Log to the Case
*C. Autopopulate the Case Contact
D. Autopopulate the Case Team
2 of 5. How can an administrator allow users to choose different views of a dashboard in Lightning Experience?

A. Dashboard designer
B. Report filters
*C. Dashboard filters
D. Report creator
3 of 5. What action can be taken in Lightning, if you receive an approval request that someone else should approve?

A. Edit Approval Process Manager
*B. Re-assign the approval request
C. Delete the associated record
D. Change Approval Entry Criteria
4 of 5. Which two Chatter Groups will show a seen-by count of people who viewed the post, in the Lightning Experience? Choose 2 answers

A. Public
*B. Private
*C. Unlisted
D. Restricted
5 of 5. Where are the files and related records attached when a sales user converts a lead?

A. Contact, account, person account records
B. Contact, account, opportunity records
C. Contact, account, opportunity, quote records
*D. Contact, account, person account, opportunity records


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