Automation – Process Builder

Process Builder

Want to create a New Task, Email Alert, Field Update or an Outbound Message, workflows could do all of these actions. We had been very thankful to the way workflows helped ease our tasks. Not only ease but in a way also helped automating our tasks. Salesforce took a step ahead towards automation and came up with a new component known as Process Builder. As the name suggested it helps in creating a builder for your process, not with code but clicks. With Process Builders you can automate several of your business needs and perform all of the tasks (apart from Outbound Message) you could perform with workflows and do even more.

Process Builders give you a great UI and easy step-by-step guide towards automating your process. With workflows it was limited to performing only four tasks. Comes process builder and you can do several new things. Below are the actions that you can perform with Process Builders:

  • Create a Record
  • Email Alerts
  • Flows
  • Post to Chatter
  • Processes
  • Quick Actions
  • Submit for Approval
  • Update Records
  • Apex

Below is a basic comparison between what can be achieved with Process Builders which cannot be achieve with Workflows (Hope this gives you a better Idea) :

Process Builder Workflow
Complexity Multiple if/then statements A single if/then statement
Visual Designer  X
Browser support All (Chrome recommended) All
Starts when
  • Record is changed
Record is changed
  • Invoked by another process
Supports time-based actions
Supports user interaction  X X
Supported Actions
Call Apex code  X
Create records

Tasks Only

Invoke processes X
Delete records  X X
Launch a flow
Post to Chatter  X
Send email
Send outbound messages without code X
Submit for approval  X
Update fields Any related record The record or its parent


Eager to learn more, trail-heads are the best place to learn.

Automate Basic Business Processes with Process Builder



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